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GEO Election Results + May Day


Table of Contents:


    • GEO Election Results

      • Officer Candidates

      • Constitutional Amendments

      • RA/PGA Dues Proposal

    • May Day Happy Hour

    • Annual GEO Staff Evaluations

    • Coffee with Co-Presidents




GEO Election Results

After polling closed on Monday evening, ballots have been counted and new officers have been elected! The list of new officers is provided below:

  • Co-Presidents:

    • Chibundo Egwuatu

    • Lila Ann Dodge

  • Co-Treasurers:

    • Karmela Padavić

    • Ryan Levy

  • Grievance Chair:

    • Kai Shinbrough

  • Communication Co-Chairs:

    • Akil Guruparan

    • Cassidy Wagner

  • Solidarity Chair:

    • Austin Hoffman

  • Officers at Large:

    • Bruce Kovanen

    • Hadrian Quan

    • Hilary Pacheco

There were two YES or NO items voted upon by members:

  • RA/PGA Dues Increase from $3 to $8: APPROVED

  • Amendments to the Constitution: APPROVED

As the newly elected Coordinating Committee transitions into their roles, additional updates on the process of implementing the RA/PGA dues change will be provided.

May Day Happy Hour

Celebrate May Day with at the GEO Happy Hour at 7:30 pm at the Bling Pig Brewery (“the Piglet”), 120 N Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820 — all are welcome, however, the GEO does not have a budget for this event, and therefore is unable to pay for drinks for May Day, so keep that in mind! Here is the Facebook event.

Annual GEO Staff Evaluations

GEO needs your input! Your feedback helps elected GEO Officers (members like you!) make informed decisions about personnel matters, and also helps GEO staff understand the needs and interests of our membership. Please help us by sharing your opinions and feedback in this form!

Coffee with Co-Presidents

As a member-run, member-centric union, GEO leadership want to be as available to you as possible. Current Co-presidents Bruce K and Hilary G will be in the office on Monday at 1pm; come by and grab a cup of coffee or tea, ask questions, or just have a chat! See the Facebook event for Coffee with Co-Presidents here.



We are a member-run union; we depend on the commitment of our members to stay as strong as possible. You can find details about what each committee does and how to contact them on our website. No special knowledge is required. You can also follow the calendar of events on our website for the date and time of upcoming meetings: Meetings are open to membership, and coming to a meeting does not commit you to joining a committee.

Upcoming meetings:

Solidarity Committee ( – See website

Grievance Committee ( – See website

Coordinating Committee ( – See website

Communications Committee ( – See website

Stewards’ Council ( – See website

Finance Committee ( – See website

Healthcare Working Group ( – Contact email for more


Have comments about the GMM? Other kinds of feedback for us? We want to hear it! Reply to this email or use our anonymous google form. You can also get in touch through our website and social media:


Twitter: @geo_uiuc

Facebook: @uigeo  @geosolcomm

Instagram: @geo_uiuc

In Solidarity,

Graduate Employees’ Organization

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