GEO Local 6300 IFT/AFT AFL-CIO at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Benefits of the Union

 Benefits of the Union

Financial Benefits

GEO has, and continues, to fight for the financial stability of its members. We know that financial stability is not a luxury: it is the mechanism that allows people of all backgrounds to obtain higher education, creating a more diverse and creative body of scholars and teachers. Our contract stipulates minimum salary and rehire raises (which also apply to those making above the minimum). Additionally, raises won by teaching assistants (TAs) and graduate assistants (GAs) through our contract are used by most departments as the baseline for research assistant (RA) and pre-professional graduate assistant (PGA) raises. Our contract also provides indirect financial benefits such as tuition waivers and health care subsidies, which benefit all graduate employees.

Our member-led bargaining has made substantial gains to graduate employee pay, including:

  • 13.3% salary increase (relative to inflation) since forming

  • An 8% increase to the minimum salary over a 3 year period in our most recent contract


  • 87% healthcare premium coverage

  • 25% healthcare premium coverage for a single dependent (NEW BENEFIT!)

  • Dental and Vision insurance with $0 co-pays for screenings and cleanings

Their are many more benefits that we know our members need, including childcare subsidies, GA and PGA tuition waiver tax exemption, and summer healthcare subsidies. By fighting together as a union, we can continue to make progress and gain these vital steps towards financial security!

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GEO members


GEO is a member-run, member-centric union, therefore we are always organizing events to directly benefit our members. We work as a community to ensure that our members have access to whatever support they may need, such as:

  • Yearly tax workshops

  • Orientation and picketing trainings

  • Financial assistance information

We also foster a strong social community so our members know who they are fighting for and who has their back.

  • Coffee with Co-Presidents

  • Happy hours, game nights, and movie outings

  • Parties and picnics


As a union, GEO allows you to have a voice in your working conditions. Our voices are amplified when we speak together, and can drive real change at the university.

Furthermore, we put democracy into action within our union through:

  • Monthly General Membership Meetings, in which we communicate the state of the union and solicit feedback

  • Committees open to all membership

  • All members eligible for all leadership positions

  • Leadership roles, changes to the constitution, and contract priorities are voted on by the membership

  • Membership must ratify the contract before it is signed with the university