GEO Local 6300 IFT/AFT AFL-CIO at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Committees and Working Groups

Stewards’ Council

The Stewards’ Council (SC) is the primary organizing and planning body of GEO. This is where representatives from across campus come together to discuss the needs of our membership. Right now, stewards are doing office visits to sign up new members and planning events for this semester. If you are interested in becoming a Steward, email for more information.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee(CC) is lead by the Co-Presidents and made up of elected officers from all committees, though any member may attend meetings. The CC is the executive body of the union and makes decisions about large‐scale projects, financial decisions, and the GEO’s long‐term vision. For questions about the CC, please contact the Co‐Presidents at

Grievance Committee

Whether it’s late wages, a missing tuition waiver, or retaliation in the workplace, the Grievance Committee helps GEO members take on the UIUC administration. The months after a new contract is signed are the busiest time for the Grievance Committee. They are working hard defending members who are already experiencing violations of the new contract. As one of our smallest committees, they could use your help doing this essential work! If you are interested in joining the Grievance Committee, email!

The Solidarity Committee (SolComm) builds connections between the GEO and other movements and local social justice projects through financial endorsements, statements of support, collaborations, and more. SolComm supports several local organizations and movements that work towards economic, racial, gender, disability, prison, and environmental justice. In addition to graduate employees, we welcome undergraduate students and C-U community members to participate. If you are interested in joining the Solidarity Committee, please email

Solidarity Committee

The Communications Committee produces GEO-Ls and flyers, manages GEO’s social media, responds to interview requests, designs and orders swag, and more. They need people with a variety of skills, and they’d love to have you. If you are interested in joining the Communications Committee, email or just come to a meeting!

Communications Committee

The Personnel Committee (PC) is made up of elected members and is tasked with oversight of all Union staff and establishing all terms of Union staff employment, including, but not limited to, wages and benefits. Its membership includes three people elected by the Stewards Council, current staff, and the two Co-Presidents who serve as co-chairs of the committee. The PC acts as the contract bargaining committee with the Union staff and works with the staff to establish and renew employee contracts. If you have any questions about the PC, please email the Co-Presidents at

Personnel Committee

The Treasurer is responsible for the accounts of the GEO. The Treasurer makes regular reports to the Membership, and make the financial records of the GEO available for annual audit by officers selected for that purpose or by independent auditors not otherwise connected with the GEO. If you have any questions, please email the Treasurer at

The newly formed Finance Committee is tasked with accounting, reporting to members on how dues are spent, fundraising, and connecting members to emergency financial support. Email if you would like to pitch in!

Treasurer and Finance Committee

We know you have questions about what healthcare options are offered by our current contract, and we remain committed to guaranteed accessible and affordable healthcare for all graduate students. Our Healthcare Working Group (HCWG) is a member-led caucus that works towards informing members and organizing around our healthcare. If you have any questions about your healthcare or are interested in working towards improving it, you can contact the Healthcare Working Group at!

Health Care Working Group

Interested in structure and community values? Like clarifying procedures and logistics? Just want to know more about GEO? Join the newly formed Constitutional Committee to work on updating our Constitution and By-Laws! The Constitutional Committee needs members who are interested in developing a proposal to present to our general membership in the fall for review and ratification. Contact if you’re interested in getting involved!

Constitutional Committee

The Bargaining Team (BT) is formed during bargaining year and acts as the representative for graduate employees in negotiations with the University administration and any other relevant body over terms and conditions of employment. Members of the bargaining team are members in good standing, and include at least one of the Co-Presidents, two representatives chosen by the Stewards’ Council, and one member-at-large chosen by the membership at a membership meeting. Other members may be appointed by the Coordinating Committee, subject to the approval of the Stewards Council, or be elected by the Stewards Council or the membership following a decision by that body. Additional members may be appointed by these various bodies from time to time. For questions about bargaining, please contact

Bargaining Team

RA/PGA Working Group

In 2019 the Illinois state legislature passed HB253, reclassifying Research and Pre-Professional Graduate Assistants as "employees" rather than "students." Governor Pritzker is expected to sign the bill into law with an effective date of 1/1/2020. Having "employee" status doesn't change anything immediately, but opens the door to graduate employees in these categories having a union. The RA/PGA Unionization Working Group is researching paths to unionization, planning organizing these groups of employees, and answering questions and disseminating information to general membership. If you are interested in working around these issues please contact