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Retroactive Pay Increase in Today’s Paycheck and GEO Staff Evaluations!


***May 16th, 2018***

Table of Contents:

  • Retroactive Pay Increase

  • GEO Staff Evaluations

  • GEO is hiring a graduate employee!

  • Office Spring Clean: 5/22 & 5/23

  • Summer Health Care 

  • NEW Constitutional Committee

  • Join a committee over the summer!

  • Connect with GEO



Members of the bargaining unit who have been earning the minimum amount should see a significant increase in the amount of their May 16th paycheck. This is a result of the provisions we won in our contract after our successful strike earlier this year. As per that contract, all wage increases were secured as retroactive wages. Since this is Year 1 of the contract, you will receive back pay for the worth of the raises you would have received in your paychecks from September through March, inclusive. Raises to the minimum were secured for years 2 and 3 of the contract, while the re-appointment raises will be determined by the campus wage program. 

For individuals receiving the campus minimum wage, the amount of the raise is 4.5%. For those who have been reappointed, the amount of the raise is 2.5%. If you are eligible for both of these raises the raise should be cumulative or stacked (7%). This amount should be reflected in your May paycheck as back pay. If you believe you are eligible for back pay, please check this month’s paycheck. If you have not received this back pay in error, please contact



GEO needs your input! Your feedback helps elected GEO Officers (who are members) make informed decisions about personnel matters, and it helps GEO staff understand the needs and interests of members.

Please help us by sharing your opinions and feedback on this form!



The Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign seeks to hire a current UIUC graduate student as a quarter-time (10 hours a week) Administrative Assistant and Database Manager. This position is funded by membership dues.

The target start date for this position is June 11, 2018.  

The Administrative Assistant/Database Manager’s core responsibilities are (1) Database building, management, and maintenance, (2) Processing Membership, (3) Administrating Staff Benefits, and (4) Office Staffing. Please this link for the extended job ad.



Join us next week to help clean and organize the GEO Office at the McKinley Foundation (809 S 5th St)! On Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd, starting with lunch at noon, we will be in the Geneva Room and our storage room working. Stop by anytime between noon and 5pm on either day to help!  See the event on Facebook here.



Student health insurance coverage can be extended over the summer, provided that you were enrolled in the spring semester and will be enrolled in the fall semester. The website to sign up for summer health insurance is here:  The cost of insurance for the summer is approximately $508. The deadline for signing up is Saturday, June 16th. 

Additionally, you can extend your McKinley coverage over the summer. The cost to do so is $174. This fee must be paid in person at the McKinley business office, which can be found on the first floor of McKinley Health Center; it cannot be done online or via telephone. More information can be found here: The deadline for signing up for summer McKinley services is next Sunday, May 27th. Spring coverage ends on Friday, May 25th

Finally, Carle offers financial assistance for individuals who meet their income guidelines; these guidelines include many bargaining unit members. This financial assistance covers medically necessary care provided by Carle physicians and facilities, and can help to reduce out-of-pocket costs. More information can be found at This assistance must be reapplied for every twelve months.



Join the newly formed Constitutional Committee to work on updating our Constitution and By-Laws! Interested in structure and community values? Like clarifying procedures and logistics? Just want to know more about GEO? The Constitutional Committee needs members who are interested in developing a proposal over the summer to present to our general membership in the fall for review and ratification. Contact if you’d be interested in getting involved!



The Committees still have work to do over the summer, and need your help! If you’d be interested in getting involved, below you’ll find details about how to contact each Committee and a little more about what they do! You can also follow the calendar of events on our website: Meetings are open to membership. No special knowledge required.

Stewards’ Council 

The Stewards’ Council (SC) is the primary organizing and planning body, and real “heart,” of GEO. This is where representatives from across campus come together to discuss membership needs. Become a steward and help GEO organize across campus! If you are interested in becoming a Steward, email!

Grievance Committee

Just after a contract is signed is the busiest time for the Grievance Committee. They are working hard defending members who haven’t been allowed to make up hours, who faced intimidation, and who are already experiencing violations of the new contract. As one of our smallest committees, they could use your help doing this essential work! If you are interested in joining the Grievance Committee, email

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee produces GEO-Ls and flyers, responds to interview requests, manages GEO’s social media, designs and orders swag, and more! We could use people with all varieties of skill sets, so don’t be afraid if you’re not a writer or graphic designer -- we’d love to have you! If you are interested in joining the Communications Committee, email

Solidarity Committee

The Solidarity Committee performs crucial outreach both within and outside of the labor community. SolComm is an important committee within GEO, and could use some more members! If you are interested in joining the Solidarity Committee, please email




Twitter: @geo_uiuc

Facebook: @uigeo  @geosolcomm

Instagram: @geo_uiuc

Sign up for text updates! Text updates are the fastest, best way to get crucial GEO information. Text the word “GEO” to 69238 to receive periodic messages concerning crucial bargaining updates and other urgent information. Msg & data rates may apply. Text STOP to 69238 to stop receiving messages. Text HELP to 69238 for more information. Terms & Conditions.


In Solidarity,

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This is a newsletter for members about our recent news and events. The Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO), IFT/AFT local 6300, AFL-CIO, is a member-run labor union and represents Teaching and Graduate Assistants (TAs and GAs) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  

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